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Amex P-Card Policies and Procedures

Alternative Procurement Methods
Purchasing programs designed to provide optimal combinations of price, quality, compatibility, etc. For example, the on-line office supply ordering system, E-Way, is an alternative procurement method.

American Express Web Recon
The on-line electronic repository that houses all the card charges. This system is where all reviews are completed and reporting can be executed.

Business Manager
The person in the department that is responsible for the budgets and who has final purchase authorization.

Card Processing Bank
The bank that will issue and maintain the P-Cards.

Centrally billed
All charges to the P-Card are sent by the vendor to Saint Louis University and processed through the Program Administrator.

Default fund number
The operating budget or grant fund to which a card charge will default.

Procurement Administrator (PA)
The Saint Louis University staff member responsible for coordinating the Procurement Card Program.

The department at Saint Louis University responsible for acquisition of goods and services.

Sales Tax Exemption
As a non-profit organization, Saint Louis University is exempt from Missouri and Illinois State Sales Tax.

Sponsored program accounting and Health Sciences Center - Financial Services
The units at Saint Louis University responsible for reconciling sponsored research and designated gift accounts.

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