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Amex P-Card Policies and Procedures

Purchasing, Budget Management, and Card Programs in Central Processing Center have developed an improved process for the purchasing of goods and services.

The goal is to streamline the process, while improving flexibility and speed with which goods and services are delivered. The P-Card is intended for anyone authorized to make university purchases. With few exceptions, the card should be used whenever possible to make university purchases. In a few cases, alternative procedures are in place to streamline procurement of particular items. These procedures can be found on the Purchasing web page,

The P-Card Program provides the following benefits:

A. Overall advantages

  • No waiting for reimbursements or payments
  • Can be used anywhere that accepts American Express, providing flexibility to the user
  • Quicker delivery of goods and services
  • Entire system is online, providing for electronic review
  • Electronic review of transactions by business manager, financial services or sponsored programs
  • One central location and staff member or designee for questions
B. Advantages to the University
  • Overall reduction in paperwork, especially for small dollar transactions
  • Uniform training for all P-Card holders
  • Electronic system from start to finish
  • Payment processing time reduced
C. Advantages to the business manager
  • Reduced need for check and purchase requisitions
  • More flexibility in managing your budgets, less chance for duplicate payments
  • Customized limits and category of spending for cardholders
  • Less paperwork at the start of the purchasing process
  • Electronic oversight
  • Posting of transactions to the card statement is done within 60 hours
D. Advantages to the cardholder
  • No need to advance money out of your pocket for purchases
  • Purchases can be made quickly, even outside of normal business hours
  • Reports can be reviewed electronically
  • No paperwork to hold up the order process
  • No lost check requisitions, purchase requisitions, or checks
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