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Non-Compliance Policy

Amex P-Card Policies and Procedures

Individuals given Procurement Card access by the University and their departments are held accountable for all transactions related to their card. Consequences for misuse of the P-Card are serious, and may include card suspension, card revocation, disciplinary action, employment termination and legal action.

To ensure compliance with the policies and procedures of the P-Card Program, p-card accounts may be subject to random audits of charges, activities, and supporting documentation retention.

The following responsibilities, while not all-inclusive, are critical and must be followed by all cardholders & approvers:

  • 100% review and approval of all P-Card Transactions in the online Recon tool by a minimum of two of the three departmental reviewers/approvers, completed by the cutoff date each month.
  • Using the P-Card for personal purchases is not permitted under any circumstances.
  • Ensures that Sales Tax is not applied to P-Card transactions.
  • Comments stating business purpose should be entered for every transaction.
  • Using the P-card for Prohibited Purchases is not permitted.
  • Ensures a receipt exists for every purchase.
  • Submit P-card Transaction Details and back up receipts within two weeks when requested for audit.
  • Account codes are correct for the expense.
  • Payments to SLU should not be on P-card.
  • Ensures no split transactions occur.
  • Failure to successfully follow P-Card policy will result in non-compliance warnings to the reviewers/approvers of the card.  The third instance of non-compliance may result in a 30-day card suspension.  The fourth instance of non-compliance may result in a new card holder and/or approver for the department.

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