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Prohibited Purchases

Amex P-Card Policies and Procedures

Purchase of some equipment, materials, supplies or services is subject to University policy and legal/technical constraints and, therefore, the P-Card should not be used. Such items must be purchased using other more appropriate purchasing means. The following list of items may not be purchased using a P-Card:

  • Bio-hazardous materials
  • Biological or bacteriological viruses purchased live
  • Cash advances
  • Capital items (assets)
  • Events requiring a contract
  • Gift Cards
  • Grant Purchases
  • Hotels
  • Independent Contractors
  • Interior furnishings - purchases of $5,000 or above
  • Items for personal use
  • Moving expenses
  • Office machines including copiers, facsimile, scanners and printers
  • Packaged alcoholic beverages
  • Parking and traffic tickets/violations
  • Services involving labor, indemnity, and/or insurance requirements, and/or requiring SSA/W-9. See the P-card Only and P-card Preferred vendor lists for exceptions to this rule.
  • Technological purchases including computers, laptops, applications for mobile devices, software, cell phones, PDA's or any computer or software related technology.
  • Travel/Entertainment expenses (as covered in the T&E policy)
  • Utilities (unless prior approval received from Business Services)
  • Vehicle purchase or lease
  • Weapons, ammunition and detonating equipment
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