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Amex P-Card Policies and Procedures


  1. Cardholders must complete tutorial session prior to receiving the P-Card. The cardholder agreement will be signed at the conclusion of training, if not already completed.
  2. The P-Card is to be used only by University employees and is the responsibility of the card holder to enforce. 
  3. Misuse of a P-Card could result in disciplinary action up to and including termination and/or legal action.(See Non-Compliance Policy)
  4. Cardholders may not make personal purchases on the P-Card for any reason. There are significant tax implications both to the cardholder and to the University related to these types of transactions. (See Non-Compliance Policy)
  5. Certain purchases are restricted or prohibited for various reasons. See the attachments for a listing of allowable and prohibited purchases. If in doubt, contact the Purchasing Department or the PA.
  6. It is the Cardholder's responsibility to ensure that Missouri and Illinois State Sales Taxes are not applied to their P-Card purchases.
  7. Cardholders must immediately report lost or stolen P-Cards by calling American Express at 800-492-4920 and notifying both their Business Manager and the PA. The Cardholder's department may be liable for all charges incurred until the card is reported lost or stolen. Although, charges that are deemed fraudulent by American Express on a lost or stolen card will be covered by the unlimited liability agreement with American Express.
  8. The cardholder is responsible for receiving all receipts and other documentation for all procurement card transactions. When the receipt is not available, the cardholder should keep the packing slip or receiving documentation. When an order has been placed on-line and there is no receipt, the cardholder should print out the Internet confirmation or screen print the order.
  9. Cardholders are required to review (reconcile) charges against their receipts, on a monthly basis in the American Express Web Recon system. All documentation should then be forwarded to their designated approver for approval in the online Recon tool.  A second approver is required to sign the monthly Transaction Summary to document their review of the receipts and items purchased.
  10. Handle all disputed charges - see Disputed Transaction section III C.
  11. The receipt is a critical part of the purchase documentation and should be included with all reconciliations. In the event a receipt is lost, contact the vendor directly to obtain a copy for reconciliation. If the vendor cannot produce a receipt copy, complete the Missing Documentation Form and include as a receipt with your transaction summary for that month.


The University Procurement Card is an efficient tool a manager can offer his/her faculty/staff. The Procurement Card is not for all kinds of purchases, and the manager must understand the Procurement Card process and must be willing to take responsibility for ensuring the faculty/staff are using the Card within university guidelines. Specific responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Coordinates P-Card application requests.
    1. The potential cardholder completes an electronic application after the business manager makes the request to the PA.
    2. Spending limits are indicated on the request by the Business Manager, and changed when necessary by contacting the PA by email.
    3. The default fund numbers are also indicated on the request, and changed when necessary by contacting the PA.
  2. Establishes and communicates any necessary departmental guidelines or procedures.
  3. Completes a review/approval of all charges in Web Recon on a monthly basis for cardholders in their department.
  4. Obtains all supporting documentation of purchases from Cardholders. Retains the documentation for all purchases on all accounts responsible for reviewing for 5 years (current plus four years) after the close of the most current fiscal year.
  5. Submits memo to PA if there are discrepancies or compliance questions after completing the review.
  6. Ensures that items billed to the Card have been received and that procedures are being followed as stated in the Policy and Procedure Guide. Any violations should immediately be reported to your PA.
  7. Collects and destroys cards from all employees separated from the University/department. The PA is to be notified of any card cancellations or changes in card holders.


The PA will receive one invoice from American Express each month. The following procedures detail responsibilities of the Program Administrator:

  1. Reviews applications for valid cost center approval.
  2. Adjusts P-Card limits.
  3. PA accumulates charges to be audited for compliance and unusual or suspect activity.
  4. Assists in balancing the general ledger interface to card file.
  5. Processes the American Express invoice within 14 days after cycle cut.
  6. Cancels cards directly with American Express.
  7. Identifies and drives future program applications and enhancements.
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