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AMEX T&E Card Policies and Procedures


  • Activate and sign the back of your card.
  • Add the card to your AXO profile and check the hotel and car rental boxes.
  • Retain actual receipts for all meals not charged to your Amex T&E Card.
  • Submit request for reimbursement of T&E business expenses through Concur Expense after each trip.
  • Pay American Express directly for non-reimbursable unapproved charges on your statement.
  • Reconcile your statement to your expense reports each month.
  • Submit your expense report complete along with all required receipts and documentation through Concur Expense in a timely manner.
  • Expense reports are due to the applicable commitment office (Central Processing or Medical Center Finance Office) within 14 days after the trip is completed.
  • Business and Entertainment expenses should be submitted at least once a month through Concur Expense.


  • DO NOT Allow others to carry or use your card.
  • DO NOT Use your card to pay for another employees' expenses.
  • DO NOT Check the airline box when adding your card in AXO. The Business Travel Account (BTA) will continue to be the method of payment for all airline and agency fee charges.
  • DO NOT Use your card for personal charges.
  • DO NOT Pay American Express directly for approved reimbursable charges on your statement.
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