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Appropriate Spend Categories

AMEX T&E Card Policies and Procedures

Typical items in travel status including:

  • Lodging
  • Conference related materials such as books, tapes and videos
  • Personal meals including groceries
  • Business Meals for employees and non-employees
  • Incidental business expenses, incurred while in travel status, such as copies, faxes, business phone calls and postage
  • Rental Vehicle and related gas
  • Ground transportation costs such as train, taxi or shuttle

* Cost Reimbursement allocated to Sponsored Programs is subject to sponsor guidelines. Please contact Sponsored Programs for any questions concerning travel cost reimbursement on sponsored programs.

Cost Item or Spend Category*Can the T&E Card or Pcard be used for this item?
AirfareNo - All charges will be on the BTA
American Express Agency Service fees for AXO Interactive & Traditional Travel ServicesNo - All charges will be on the BTA
Conference/Registration FeeAmex T&E card
Business meeting expenses such as equipment rental and meeting room charges
Contracts must be submitted to Business Services prior to signing
Amex T&E card
Non-reimbursable personal hotel costs such as movie charges, personal phone calls and safe fees Although these items are allowable charges on the card, since they are not reimbursable, the cardholder must remit payment directly to American Express for these items. See Terms and Conditions section IID for detailsAmex T&E card
Non-reimbursable expenses such as movies or other personal entertainment or activities not part of the hotel bill or conference chargeNo
Approved Gifts associated with a Saint Louis University Client, Alumni, Business Associate or DonorNo- The Pcard should be used except for minor gifts purchased while in travel status
Sporting or Entertainment Events to include: Parking, admission fees, souvenirs, programs and refreshmentsAmex T&E card
Meals catered in from a restaurant to an on-campus location for a meeting or eventNo - The Pcard should be used
Groceries purchased locally for a meeting or eventNo - The Pcard should be used
Trip expenses on behalf of student athletes, students, residents or guests of the University: Conference registration fees or hotel pre-paymentsAmex T&E card
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