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Program Overview, Statement of Benefits and Eligibility

AMEX T&E Card Policies and Procedures

  1. Program Overview
  2. Statement of Benefits
  3. Eligibility for the Card Program

A. Program Overview

The American Express (Amex) Travel & Entertainment (T&E) Card is a University sponsored charge card offered only to eligible employees of Saint Louis University. The Card is used exclusively for approved business travel expenses or business entertainment expenses. The Amex T&E Corporate Card program is designed to reduce the necessity for employees to incur business related charges on a personal credit card, and eliminate the processing time and waiting period for a reimbursement check to cover charges for business related expenses.

The University will remit payment directly to American Express for all approved reimbursable business expenses placed on the cards issued to our employees. In return, employees entrusted with carrying a University sponsored Amex T&E Corporate Card are responsible to ensure all expenses are cleared each month. All reimbursable business related expenses must be cleared by submitting an expense report. Cardholders are responsible to pay all non-reimbursable charges directly to American Express.

Note: Participation in the University sponsored Amex T&E Corporate Card program is optional.
Use of the Amex T&E Corporate Card has replaced all other travel advances, and prepayments related to travel.

B. Statement of Benefits

Overall advantages:

  • The University pays American Express directly for all approved business related expenses on the Card
  • Can be used anywhere that accepts American Express, providing flexibility to the user
  • Consolidated Spend data to enhance vendor negotiations
  • Payment processing time reduced
Advantages to the cardholder:
  • No need to incur charges on your personal credit card or advance money out of pocket for business travel & entertainment expenses
  • Cardholder can view account activity (charges & payments) online at any time

C. Eligibility for the Card Program

In general, participation in the Amex T&E Corporate Card program is optional and designed for employees who travel on University business, and/or entertain on behalf of the University. Approval from your Department Head is required to obtain a University sponsored Amex T&E Corporate Card.

Specifically, those individuals or department administrators who spend a minimum of $1,000.00 per fiscal year in either (or both) of the Travel & Entertainment Expense categories, and who typically submit expense reimbursement statements at least twice per fiscal year are encouraged to participate in the program.

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