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AMEX T&E Card Policies and Procedures

  1. Card Request Procedures
  2. Spending Limits
  3. Card Activation and Authorized Cardholder Usage
  4. General Terms and Conditions for Use
  5. Dispute Procedures
  6. Change of Name or Billing Address
  7. Lost or Stolen Cards
  8. Card Renewal

A. Card Request Procedures

Requests for Amex T&E Corporate Cards are made by Business Managers or Department Heads on behalf of an employee based on the employees' business need for the card.

  • Initial University-wide Implementation
    During initial implementation, cards will be rolled out by unit and issued to all individuals identified with a business need for the card within the department/division.
    The Business Managers will:
    • Send an email to the Program Administrator (PA) with the employees' names, e-mail addresses and limit information (if different from the SLU defaults of $5,000 monthly with $1,000 retail).
    • The PA will send an e-mail to the employees with instructions on how to apply online. The PA will conduct one group distribution meeting for the group. Future cards will be distributed by the Business Manager.
  • Post Implementation and New Hires/Additions
    Business Managers or Department Heads should e-mail a request to the PA with the employees name, e-mail address and limit information.

B. Spending Limits

The standard pre-set spending limit will be $5,000.00 per month. This amount includes a $1,000.00 retail limit for purchases while in travel status. (The retail limit is set at this higher limit because some conference fees are processed as a retail charge.)

Some Cardholders may require a higher or lower limit than the standard due to their business need. Department managers may request a higher limit on behalf of Cardholders with a justified need.

C. Card Activation and Authorized Cardholder Usage

  • The Amex T&E Corporate Card is solely intended for use by Saint Louis University employees who have travel and/or entertainment business expenses. The Amex T&E Corporate Card is issued in the name of the authorized employee. The Amex T&E Corporate Card may only be signed by and carried by the employee identified on the card. The Cardholder may not release or authorize the use of their card by any other individual.
  • For security reasons, the Amex T&E Corporate Card is issued inactive. Affixed on the card will be a label with card activation procedures. Only the employee whose name appears on the Card is authorized to activate it. By activating and signing the card, the employee agrees to participate in the Amex T&E Corporate Card program and assumes responsibility in accordance with program guidelines. Failure to abide by these terms may be viewed as grounds for disciplinary action up to and including dismissal.

D. General Terms and Conditions for Use

  1. Amex T&E Corporate Cardholder accounts may be subject to periodic internal control reviews and audits designed to protect the interests of the University. By accepting the Amex T&E Corporate Card, the cardholder agrees to comply with these reviews and audits.
  2. Policies and procedures related to the Amex T&E Corporate Card program may be updated or changed at any time. The cardholder agrees to and will be responsible for the execution of any program changes.
  3. The Cardholder agrees to surrender and cease use of the Amex T&E Corporate Card upon termination of employment whether for retirement, voluntary separation, resignation or dismissal. If the employee ceases to travel, or incur business entertainment expenses frequently, the Amex T&E Corporate Card PA may request that the card be returned and cancelled. The cardholder may also be asked to surrender the Amex T&E Corporate Card at any time deemed necessary by University management.
  4. Misuse or fraudulent use of the card may result in card suspension, card revocation, disciplinary action, employment termination and/or legal action.
  5. Delinquency fees are not reimbursable and will not be paid by the University.
  6. The Cardholder is responsible to remit payment directly to American Express for any unapproved or non-reimbursable expenses placed on the Card.
  7. University Policy does not allow the use of the Amex T&E Corporate Card for personal use. Exceptions may apply in instances such as non-reimbursable hotel incidentals, which cannot be split from the original hotel bill. However, the Cardholder should not submit the personal expense item(s) through the University for payment.

E. Dispute Procedures

While reviewing the activity statement, the cardholder may identify purchases that appear to be billed in error. It is the responsibility of the cardholder to resolve any discrepancies on the activity statement.

The cardholder should contact American Express Customer Service at 1 (800) 528-2122 to report the dispute. All disputes must be submitted to American Express within 60 days of the activity statement date. American Express Customer Service will resolve the dispute within the next 90 days. American Express Customer Service will place any item in dispute in suspense and issue a temporary credit on the cardholder's activity statement. An item in suspense is not subject to any delinquency charge and is excluded from the total payment due amount until the dispute is resolved.

F. Change of Name or Billing Address

The cardholder can contact American Express directly at 1-800-528-2122 or register their card on-line to view statements and make updates via the American Express web site.

G. Lost or Stolen Cards

In the event of a lost, stolen or compromised card, the cardholder must immediately contact American Express Customer Service at 1 (800) 528-2122. The cardholder's account will immediately be closed and a replacement card will be delivered within 24 hours.

Use of a personal credit card during this replacement period will be accepted.

In addition to contacting American Express Customer Service, the cardholder is responsible for notifying the Amex T&E Corporate Card PA. Failure to promptly notify American Express or the University Corporate Card PA, within 48 hours of the Cardholder being aware of a lost, stolen or compromised Card may result in the employee being responsible for charges to the card.

H. Card Renewal

The Amex T&E Corporate Card has an expiration date four years from date of issuance. The Cardholder will be issued a new card prior to that expiration.

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