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Expense Reimbursement Procedures Overview

AMEX T&E Card Policies and Procedures

On a monthly basis, the cardholder will receive a statement listing all activity associated with the Card. This activity will include purchases and credits made during the reporting period. Cardholder
Reconciliation procedures include:

  • Review all transactions listed on the activity statement and identify and highlight any discrepancies. Contact American Express directly to resolve discrepancies (see Section II E- Dispute Procedures).
  • Submit an expense report at the end of each trip (within 7 days after the trip is completed) and at least monthly for Business & Entertainment expenses (by the 7th day of the month due).
  • All reimbursable T&E charges appearing on the activity statement must be submitted for approval to the appropriate commitment office (Financial Services Medical Center Finance Office) by the 7th day of the month after your billing cycle.
  • Include in your expense reports both T&E card charges to be remitted to Amex by the University, as well as any out of pocket T&E items for which you are due reimbursement.
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