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Suggested Tips for Resolving Delinquent Amounts

Amex Travel and Entertainment Card (T&E Card)

  • Know how to retrieve your current charges/previous account statements online (instructions can be found at Business & Finance Amex Web page) or ensure that your preparer is able to do so. If someone else is submitting reports for you, please make sure they have access to your account. Access can be granted to view your statements online by supplying your log in ID and password to your preparer.  Granting access for obtaining information via the phone can be done by calling the 800 number on the back of the Amex card (1-800-528-2122) and giving permission for Amex to release information regarding your Amex account to the person you designate.
  • Make sure a CLOSED statement is kept for each month (either the statement that is mailed to the billing address, or a closed statement from the Internet).
  • View your on-line Amex statement to review current account activity and previous statements on a regular basis. If necessary, utilize the Concur Expense tool to reconcile expenses submitted against what was actually paid (View Charges link on the Expense tab). Take note of any email notifications from Concur indicating  a change in the amount being paid to American Express.
    • If all payments are not reflected on your statement, access Concur Expense to view the status of the report.
    • Verify that all personal payments that have been made to Amex have been applied correctly to your account.
  • Contact American Express at 1-800-528-2122 for assistance.

A delinquent Corporate Amex card affects the overall Amex program and can result in the suspension of the Amex program for the entire University.

Account Delinquency American Express "Milestones"

  • 45 Days Delinquent = Assessment of delinquency fees begins
  • 90 Days Delinquent = Suspension of account by American Express
  • 120 Days Delinquent = Sent to American Express collection department
  • 150 Days Delinquent = Sent to outside collection agency; appears on employee’s credit report
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