Saint Louis University

The American Express (Amex) Travel & Entertainment (T&E) Card is a University sponsored charge card offered only to eligible employees of Saint Louis University. The Card is used exclusively for approved business travel expenses or business entertainment expenses. The Amex T&E Corporate Card program is designed to reduce the necessity for employees to incur business related charges on a personal credit card, and eliminate the processing time and waiting period for a reimbursement check to cover charges for business related expenses.

Department travel approvers can request cards for employees by sending an email request with the following information to

  • Employee's Name
  • Employee's SLU E-mail
  • Employee's Banner ID

To create access for viewing T&E accounts online and for access to the information below, go to

  • Mobile Access - get account access on a smartphone or tablet
  • Profile & Alerts - personalize a card account and get information immediately
  • Statements & Activity - Set-up Manage Your Card Account to see card account and spending activity