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Travel and Entertainment Policy

Airfare should be booked through the Concur booking tool or our travel advisor, TravelPlex.

Lowest Available Airfare:

All airline tickets must be booked and expensed within $100 of the lowest available airfare as determined by TravelPlex at the time of booking. The following criteria will be utilized to determine lowest available airfare:

  • The flight's departure or arrival time is within four hours before or after the requested departure or arrival time;
  • One stop or connecting flights are required if savings of $200.00 or more can be achieved and the one-way total elapsed trip time (origin to destination) does not increase by more than two hours for outbound or return;
  • Travelers may not specify a preferred carrier;

Seat selection & baggage fees are reimbursable.

Economy Class:

Only economy class fares will be considered for payment.

First Class and Business Class:

Incremental costs for first Class and business class fares are not reimbursable.

  • A traveler may use their personal frequent flyer miles to upgrade fares. The traveler must book the economy class fare with TravelPlex and contact the airline directly for the upgrade.
  • A traveler may choose to fly business or first class and personally pay the difference in the fare. The traveler must, at the time of booking the fare, determine the lowest available fare as defined above and must receive prior approval and agreement on the reimbursable amount from their supervisor and fund administrator.

International Travel:

For any international travel that will be charged to a federally-sponsored agreement, the airfare must be from a US Flag Air Carrier. For further information, please contact Sponsored Programs.

Frequent Flier Programs:

Travelers may retain frequent flier program benefits. However, participation in these programs must not influence flight selection, which would result in any incremental cost to the University beyond the "lowest available airfare" as defined above.

Required Method of Payment:

The University American Express Business Travel (BTA) account will be used for airfare & agency fees.


American Express Business Travel Accident Insurance automatically provides accidental death and dismemberment insurance coverage for Saint Louis University employees when the Common Carrier trips are charged to the American Express Business Travel Account. Employees will receive up to $350,000 door-to-door coverage for business trips from their departure, through their trip (up to 30 days) and until they return.

American Express Baggage Insurance Plan provides coverage against lost, stolen or damage to checked and carry-on baggage. Employees will automatically receive the following coverage amounts when the American Express Business Travel Account is used to purchase Common Carrier tickets for a trip (online booking tool or with an agent).

  • Carry-On Baggage - up to $1,250, in excess of coverage by the Common Carrier. Reimbursement for carry-on baggage is based on its Replacement Cost.  (AMEX may, as its option elect to repair or replace the covered property.  If AMEX elects to replace the property it will of like kind and quality).
  • Checked Baggage - up to $500, in excess of coverage provided by the Common Carrier. Reimbursement for checked baggage is based on its Replacement Cost. (AMEX may, as its option elect to repair or replace the covered property.  If AMEX elects to replace the property it will be of like kind and quality).

Unused Tickets/Cancellations:

All airline reservations made through the University's designated TravelPlex travel office or via the On-Line Booking tool  must be changed by calling TravelPlex.

Electronic tickets carry a dollar value. As a result all cancelled trips need to be reported immediately to TravelPlex to determine if the ticket holds value. To ensure that no unnecessary costs are incurred, cancellations must be made directly with TravelPlex by calling the telephone number listed on your itinerary prior to departure. Related re-issuance fees due to changes in existing reservations are reimbursable.

Cancellation or change penalties cannot be charged to federally-sponsored agreements unless the Federal Government caused the change (e.g., the Feds cancelled the symposium or meeting.) Changes for the convenience of the traveler are not allowable.

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