Saint Louis University

The Employee Reimbursement Department is responsible for processing all travel related documents in accordance with the University's Travel and Entertainment Policy and Procedures, and accounting for travel related expenses in Banner.

Cliqbook and Concur Expense provide the University's online booking and employee reimbursement tools.


Travel Reference Materials

Cancelling or Changing Online Reservations

Change of Plans?

Call a Travel Plex travel counselor at 314-569-1900 if any of the following conditions apply to your trip:

  • You want to change your ticket from one carrier to another
  • Your flight is scheduled to depart within 4 hours
  • You have already made a change online or the ticket has previously been exchanged, refunded, or had value applied from previous tickets
  • Your ticket was free
  • Your e-ticket was converted to a paper ticket
  • You are trying to make an exchange and the new ticket is of lesser value than your original ticket