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Items to Remember Before Using Your GP-Card

  • All purchases made using the GP-Card MUST adhere to all guidelines provided and mandated by the sponsors of the grant for allowable, allocable, reasonableness, and consistent treatment. Use of the GP-Card will be guided and informed by the applicable Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circulars (i.e., A-21, A-110, and A-133), specific agency guidelines, as well as, policies and procedures set by the University Administration and Office of Sponsored Programs.
  • All purchases made using the GP-Card MUST have PI or delegate approval (via email or written confirmation). Approval must be filed and presented during any and all audits.
  • The use of the GP-Card is strongly recommended for use with new vendors and non preferred vendors
  • The GP-card is NOT to be used for ANY travel related expenses.
  • Students and non-University employees may NOT use the GP-card.
  • Remember to include a short description in one of the comment fields (card member, manager, or banner description) on the Additional Transaction Detail tab within the reconciliation tool.
  • When ordering online or by phone, remember that 3545 Lindell Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63103 is the billing address and your work address is the shipping address. To add your work address as an alternate address for verification by vendors, please call the 800 number on the back of your Amex P-card.
  • GP-cards can be used to replace standing and regular PO's. If you would like to cancel a standing PO, contact Katelyn Missey ( 977-2929. Please keep in mind that those dollars will no longer be encumbered.
  • The tax exempt number is at the bottom of your GP-card. Please remember to go to an actual person (not self check) and let them know your purchase is tax exempt. You may need the actual Tax Exempt Letter (found on the Documents & Forms web page). If tax is not taken off before the purchase, it is the USER'S responsibility to have it removed. Go to the customer service desk or call the vendor directly. Do not pay American Express or send SLU a check for tax included on a purchase.
    • Wal-Mart Saint Louis University Customer ID # 1259494
  • Summaries and receipts are to be stored by the approver for 3 years after the end date of a federal grant or whatever is required in the grant agreement and be available for auditing purposes. Summaries should be signed by a second approver when charges and receipts are reviewed.
  • Do not pay American Express directly.
  • To raise a transaction or monthly limit, the approver can e-mail the card program admin ( and request a permanent or temporary increase. The information to be provided is: 
    • Card name
    • If the raise is permanent or temporary (if temporary, expiration date is needed)
    • If the limit raise is for transaction or monthly
    • New amount of limit
    • An employee MAY NOT request limit increases on their own card. Please have your business manager/reviewer send the request.
  • Approvers must review and/or reallocate all charges before the monthly cut off (e-mails will be sent out monthly).
  • Purchases on the GP-Card must adhere to the competitive bidding policies, the details of which can be found on the following site: If a department intends to make a purchase on the P-Card that exceeds $5,000, either 3 bids or a sole source document must be submitted to Purchasing in advance for review and approval. Transactions are consistently audited to ensure compliance of University purchasing policies.
  • For prohibited purchases, please consult the Policies & Procedures.
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