Saint Louis University


The Standard Services Agreement ("SSA") was developed by the Office of the General Counsel ("OGC") to streamline the process of contracting for services with outside providers, regardless of whether the provider is a sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation. Departments are encouraged but not required to use the SSA.

The OGC has pre-approved the SSA, and legal review is not required if the provider accepts the SSA "as-
is", without changes or additions to its terms. If the provider insists upon making changes or additions, or if the provider insists upon using its own agreement, you should advise the provider that University legal counsel must review and approve all terms, and that changes may be required.

The SSA should not be used in the following circumstances:

• The service provider is an employee of the University.

• For the purchase of goods or real-property.

• Licensing intellectual property (e.g. software and copyrighted works).

• Services that require specialized education, professional training or licenses such as architectural, engineering or construction services, healthcare services, legal services, and financial or management services.

• Development of software, or authorship of works commissioned by the University.

• Where, due to the nature or scope of the services, the provider may or will have access to student or  employee records; personally identifiable financial or health information, or any personal information that is generally regarded as sensitive or confidential; and information the University deems confidential or proprietary.


If you have any uncertainty as to whether it is appropriate to use the SSA in a given case, you should contact the OGC at 314-977-2506.