Saint Louis University

A link to the government per diem rates for both domestic and foreign travel is provided below for travelers to determine the maximum allowable for meals and lodging.

Travel Meals

Beginning April 3, 2006 the University will reimburse the actual and reasonable meal expenses (including gratuities) up to the daily meal (only) per diem rate allowable using the United States government guidelines for each locality. Actual expenses incurred over and above the daily meal per diem rate will not be reimbursed. Although meal receipts is the preferred method for reimbursement, travelers have the option of claiming 60% or less of meal per diem in lieu of submitting meal receipts. Please note: only one method can be used for each trip. A combination of 60% per diem allowance and receipts for different days of the same trip is not allowable.


The maximum reimbursable amount for lodging, when not obtaining a discounted block conference rate, is the actual expense incurred up to the SLU Hotel Per Diem. The SLU Hotel Per Diem is defined as the United States government lodging per diem for the applicable locality plus an additional 20%.