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Descriptions of Current Live Salary Reports

Download a Grid of Available Features for Live Salary Reports (.pdf)

PWB0007 - Position & Job Report:

This report will display all employees within a certain department with their position number, position title, banner number, the job information, position information, budget distribution, and the labor distribution. Position salary is displayed as well.
PWB0008 - Position & Job Summary Report by FOPAL:
You must have a fund number for this report, but it displays the position budgets for all positions under that fund. Not only does it show the budget allocated, but it also shows what has been expended of that entire budget as well as who is in each position.
PWB0011 - Vacant Position Report:
This report displays the list of positions that are vacant under a certain department and the budget for that position.
PWB0013 - Current Employee Grade and Job Report:
Very quick report by department that displays each employee (including their Banner ID) and it shows their salary compared to that of the min, mid, and high points of the pay scale.
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