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Descriptions of Salary Planner Reports

Download a Grid of Available Features for Salary Planner Reports (.pdf)

PWB0001 - Job Detail Salary Planner Table Report:
This report displays the entire list of employees under a particular department according to the FY (Budget or Labor). This list displays the position's salary along with the percentage change for the year.
PWB0002 - Position Labor Distribution Salary Planner Report:
This report shows the budgets of positions within certain departments based solely upon position numbers.
PWB0003 - Position Labor Distribution Salary Planner - FOPAL:
This is the same report as PWB0002, but it displays the subtotals by account type.
PWB0004 - Job Labor Distribution Salary Planner Report:
Shows an employee's position along with the following information: Last Name, First Name, Organization, Position, Fund, Code, Orgn, Code, Acct Code, Proposed percentage.
PWB0005 - Proposed Position Budget and Salary by FOPAL Subtotals:
This report gives a long list of details ranging from Budgets, Codes, Name, Banner IDs, and Grade. It also displays the subtotals by account type due to the FOPAL attributes.
PWB0006 - Staff Salary Report:
This report displays staff's current salary, percentage change, and total annual salary by department for a particular fiscal year.
PWB0009 - Position & Job Report with Budget:
This report displays a job report by department, and in this report you will see the employee, position number, proposed budget, previous salary, and the percentage change in that salary.
PWB0010 - Faculty Salary Report:
This report shows a list of faculty members per department and FY budget. It shows their current salary plus any change in percentage and then the resulting salary from that percentage change.
PWB0012 - Current to Proposed Comparison Report:
This report displays the employees of a particular department and the FY. In this report you will be able to view the employee's current salary and rate, the proposed salary adjustment and rate, as well as the resulting salary and rate.
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