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Introduction to eSeePCON (PCON)


To provide comprehensive position budget information to business managers so they could easily and efficiently manage their personnel budgets.

Old Method:
  • Log onto Self Service Finance or Old WebFOCUS to run financial reports
  • Log onto WebFOCUS Dashboard and run position/salary reports
  • Add position budgets and actuals by FOAPAL to compare to financial reports
  • If a variance exists, revisit personnel report to identify problem position/salary

New PCON Method:

  • Log into Self Service Banner Budget Management
  • Enter parameters to access Banner Finance summaries
  • Drill-down on personnel variance column to list positions/employees included in account code


  • Electronic reconciliation between and integration of Banner HR and Banner Finance
  • Increase business manager efficiency
    • quicker, more complete information,
    • log onto one system rather than two
    • more flexibility in PCON parameters
  • Cohesion between business managers and FPB
    • all looking at same system
    • decrease in personnel budget revision errors thereby increasing FBP efficiency
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