Saint Louis University

An account code is a six-digit numeric value that defines the specific type of revenue source and/or expenditure within a fund.

The account code's structure has been established to be consistent across all funds:

  • Budget Codes: (Certain digits are indicated by a "-") These codes are to be used for budgeting purposes only. They have been established for identifying budget dollars within a fund for groups of account codes which are similar in nature. For example, a budget can be set up for travel and related (73----), but expenditures must be coded against a specific account code (e.g., 739100).
  • Standard Codes: (All six digits are predefined or the "X" is replaced with a zero) These codes have been assigned specific values and descriptions in the account code listing. For purposes of summarizing data across the University, account codes for revenue and expense must be used consistently for the designated purpose by all departments.

The account code listings include revenue and expenditure budget codes and the most commonly used standard codes.

Users who have Banner Finance reporting access may view a complete list of revenue and expenditure account codes by requesting Cognos report BUSFM120 Banner Account Code Hierarchy - Operating Ledger report, located in the Fiscal Management folder.