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Finance Transaction Correction

Corrections to non-payroll transactions posted to Banner Finance in error must be requested on a Finance Transaction Correction Form to ensure adequate documentation and prompt correction of the error. Corrections to payroll transactions should be made on a Labor Expense Redistribution Form.

Standardized forms or on-line processes are provided to fund administrators to deposit funds, request disbursements, and record interdepartmental transactions. Record of all forms/documents submitted for processing should be retained by fund administrators. Reference numbers are provided for all documents to assist in the identification and tracking of transactions.

It is the fund administrator's responsibility to monitor his/her funds to ensure that all transactions posted to the funds are accurate and appropriate. Banner Finance Inquiry Screens and the monthly Statement of Account are available to facilitate this verification process.

Transaction corrections must be submitted to the Medical Center Finance Office or CPC-Financial Commitment within sixty (60) days of the original transaction date or sooner, as required by fiscal year end.

Submitted transaction corrections must be supported by a copy of the monthly Report of Transactions or the Banner Finance Inquiry Screen (see Operating Ledger Query Transaction Detail).

Transaction corrections may only be submitted for postings of actual revenues or expenses and may not be used to correct an encumbrance within a fund.

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