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FOIDOCH allows users to enter a document number (Purchase Order or eSeeDPV) and see related document numbers. Please note that users may not "drill down" on this form, but must instead access Banner Self Service (BSS) to see document details.

Enter "PO" in the Document Type field and the eight-character purchase order number in the Document Code field to see if there is activity (invoices, payments) associated with a specific purchase order. Go to BSS to see document details.

To find a check number associated with an eSeeDPV enter "INV" in Document Type and the eSeeDPV (DP#####)number in Document Code.  Perform a NEXT BLOCK function. The check number, if a check has been issued, will display in the Check field. Go to BSS to see document details including the check date.

How to interpret the Status indicator field on INB form FOIDOCH:

Status Indicator

Purchase Orders
A Approved - purchase order is complete and posted to Banner Finance.
C Completed - invoice is complete and requires approval. See BSS View Document Approval History for required approval. (Change document Type from Requisition to Invoice.)
A Approved - invoice has required approvals and payment will be issued according to payment due date.
P Paid - payment has been issued.

Updated 03/15/2018