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Report BUSFM003: Report of Transactions Description

Purpose: The Report of Transactions provides a detailed listing of all transactions processed against a fund.

Report of Transactions Sample

Description of Significant Components

Report Month: The month for which information on the report is provided.

Fund Administrator Name: The name of the individual who is responsible for the fund and authorized to approve expenditures against the fund. The Principal Investigator is always the responsible party on research grant and contract accounts.

Fund Number/Title: The number and name of the fund for which information is provided.

Executive Code: The code which identifies the President, Provost or Vice President who is responsible for the fund.

School/Division Code: The code which identifies the school or division to which the fund is assigned.

Department Code: The code which identifies the department to which the fund is assigned.

Account Code: The code which identifies the specific type of revenue source or expenditure within a fund. Transaction totals are provided for each object code.

Activity Code: The optional code which identifies a certain event or activity within the fund and/or organization.

Description: The description of the transaction or the name of the vendor to which the payment was made.

Date: The date the transaction was posted to Banner.

Document Code/Reference/Encumbrance No.: The identifying reference numbers for the transactions (i.e., purchase order number, purchase requisition number, journal entry number, check number, IDO number, etc.).

Amount: The actual amount of the transaction categorized as either a budget, actual revenue/expenditure, or commitment transaction.

Fund Total: Transaction totals for the identified fund.

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