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Cognos "Month End" Reports

The following Banner Finance reports are available to business managers and can be accessed via Cognos.

Click on a link to see a description of that report:

BUSFM001 Statement of Account:

Report providing a financial summary of the fund including budget, encumbrance and actual revenue and expenditure information for the current month and fiscal year.

BUSFM003 Report of Transactions:

Report providing a detailed listing of all transactions processed against a fund.

BUSFM801 UMG Revenue/Expense Category:

Report providing a financial summary by UMG account code roll up category.

BUSFM801 UMG Revenue/Expense Category Detail:

Report providing detail behind each line of the UMG Revenue/Expense Category report. That is, each FOAPAL that comprises the UMG revenue and expense roll up categories of Clinical Services Revenue, Deductions from Patient Fees, Contract Revenue, etc.

BUSFM802 UMG Revenue/Expense Category Internal Medicine and Detail:

Report providing UMG account code category roll up and detail specifically for the Internal Medicine department.

BUSFM803 UMG Responsibility Summary by Dept, Sub-Dept, Fund:

Report providing Month Budget, Month Actual, Month Variance, Month Percent, Account Code and Description in UMG reporting order, YTD Budget, YTD Actual, YTD Variance, and YTD Percent.

BUSFM804 Account Codes Sorted by UMG Category Code:

List of account codes sorted by UMG revenue/expense category code.

LBD001 Labor Distribution by Pay Period:

Report listing payroll data by fund number, account code, and employee.

LBD002 Labor Distribution by Month:

Report listing payroll data by fund number, account code, and employee.

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