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Credit Card Security

Based upon the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCIDSS) requirements, the University created a credit card policy to protect customer credit card information gathered and processed throughout the University.   Each department employee is required to follow the University's policy and submit a signed Statement of Understanding acknowledging receipt and understanding of the policy. This is both a PCIDSS and University requirement.

Department supervisors are responsible for ensuring that every person in the department having access to credit card information reads the policy and signs the Statement of Understanding. These requirements apply to new hires as well.   All employees share responsibility for safeguarding credit card information. Completed Statement of Understanding forms should be sent to:

Mindy Brown    Treasurer's Office    Wool Center, 3rd Floor

Compliance is crucial to the University's ability to accept credit cards as a method of payment and is a comprehensive, ongoing process. Please see the credit card policy, Statement of Understanding form, tip sheet, and FAQ's. For questions or concerns, please contact Mindy Brown at 314-977-2466.

Policy owned by: Treasurer's Department.

Revised: Monday, October 20, 2014


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