Ethics and Corporate Compliance Certificate

Saint Louis University's Certificate in Corporate Ethics and Compliance Management is a self-paced and fully online course offering applied learning sessions from industry leaders in the compliance field. The program has been offered by the John Cook School of Business' Emerson Leadership Institute.

The goal of this program is to enhance skills for ethics and compliance professionals, lawyers and business managers to develop, implement, manage or simply better understand comprehensive corporate compliance programs. Participants who successfully complete the curriculum will be presented with a certificate and the title of Certified in Corporate Ethics and Compliance Management (CECM).

The program consists of 22 online sessions. Each session is organized around instructor videos, powerpoint summaries, pertinent articles, practice quizzes and supplementary readings from the course textbook. With instructor videos featuring industry experts — including CEOs, Fortune 500 compliance officers and legal counsel, University professors, law firm partners and more — this program seamlessly combines academic rigor with real-world applications.

The program takes roughly eight months to complete at four hours per week. The course is worth 13 Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) and may be eligible for Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credits.

Enrollment is currently closed while we redevelop the program. Contact the center at for more details


Program participants take an online, multiple choice test to demonstrate their proficiency in the program topics. The test can be taken online from any location around the world. Assessment is based on participation, simulations and the final exam. Participants need an overall passing grade of 75 percent to successfully complete the certificate program. The rigor of assessment for the certificate program adheres to Saint Louis University and the John Cook School of Business quality and outstanding academic standards.

Program Topics

  • Ethics foundations
  • Whistleblower programs
  • Ethical lens inventory
  • Compliance and risk management
  • Global business ethics
  • Compliance auditing and monitoring
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Anti-corruption and FCPA
  • Role of government
  • Mergers and acquisitions compliance
  • Corporate governance
  • Fraud-AML and FCA compliance
  • Foundations of compliance
  • Wage and labor compliance issues
  • Culture of compliance
  • Export compliance management
  • Designing compliance programs
  • Anti-trust compliance
  • Compliance policies and communications training
  • Environmental regulation compliance
  • Managing, preventing and investigating fraud
  • Topical simulations

Post-Certificate Refresher Courses

After completion of the program, participants may take periodically offered online refresher sessions covering recent updates in the field of ethics and compliance management. Participation is voluntary but participants will also be offered opportunities to take additional courses in advanced topics related to ethics and compliance.