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CADE Core Curriculum

Providing advanced concepts in the sciences that comprise the foundation of graduate dental education.

CAD.501 Pain: Anatomy, Physiology, Psychology, Diagnosis & Treatment (1)
Explores multiple topics of pain with special emphasis on head and neck pain and conditions and/or syndromes that mimic dental pain. Protocols for dealing with both dental and non-dental "pain patients" will be addressed. (Offered every year.)

CAD.503 Advanced Oral Microbiology (2)
Examines the interface of human host and its microbial inhabitants converging to cause disease. Describes oral ecosystems resulting from interaction between human anatomy and physiology and microbial populations and their physiology with emphasis on the pulpal, periapical, and periodontal regions.  Includes factors that maintain population balance and health or cause population imbalance and disease in these ecosystems. Includes management and prevention of oral microbial disease. (Offered every year.)

CAD.504 Molecular Biology of the Cell (2)
Cell and molecular biology of the tooth and supporting structures. Attention given to molecular structure and function of composite proteins of tooth and bone and to cellular and physiological mechanisms key to driving development and repair. (Offered every year.)

CAD.505 Introduction to Statistical Inference (3)
Nature of measurement in graduate dentistry. Basic principles and techniques of research analysis, particularly in graduate dental research. Introduction to probability theory and sampling theory; criteria of reliability and validity.  Fundamental concepts of descriptive and inferential statistics, introduction to levels of measurements and application of parametric and non-parametric tests. (Offered every year.)

CAD.506 Ethics in Dental Research and Practice (0)
Two-part course requiring completion of online course BBS.510 Responsible Conduct in Research, and attendance and participation in lectures on Principles of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct and their relationship to ethical decision making processes in dental practice. (Offered every year.)

CAD.508 Multidisciplinary Diagnosis and Treatment Planning I (1)
Diagnosis and treatment planning of various types of multidisciplinary dental problems through case studies. Various diagnostic and treatment modalities are discussed in order to render the most efficacious plan of patient treatment. Application of biomedical sciences to clinical oro-facial problems at the dental specialty level. (Offered every year.)

CAD.509 Research in Graduate Dentistry (1)
Research planning, design and qualitative and quantitative methodologies are examined together with the steps taken in the preparation of a research proposal, the conducting of the research in an efficient and ethical manner, and the writing and defense of a thesis. A culminating course requirement is the oral delivery and defense of a research proposal and the preparation of the associated literature review. (Offered every year.)

CAD.510 Dental Therapeutics (1)
A comprehensive review of the pharmacological considerations of clinical dentistry. Special emphasis is placed on dentally prescribed medications and their effects on systemic disease and associated systemic drugs. (Offered every year.)

CAD.511 Principles of Practice Management (1)
A practice management course which covers a broad range of business management topics with an emphasis on application of concepts. (Offered every year.)

CAD.514 TMJ Disorders (1)
A lecture series to improve the understanding of TMJ disease and related disorders and to provide a rationale for differential diagnosis and treatment. (Offered every year.)

CAD.516 Advanced Oral Medicine (1)
Material on oral diagnosis and oral medicine is presented to enhance the ability to make an accurate diagnosis of oral and general diseases. Special emphasis is placed on treatment of the medically compromised patient.  (Offered every year.)

CAD.517 Advanced Oral Pathology (1)
Oral diseases with similar clinical appearances are presented. A differential diagnosis will be developed. For each entry, the etiology, biologic history, clinical features, histologic characteristics, progress, and current treatment will be identified. (Offered every year.)

CAD.519 Advanced Head and Neck Anatomy (2)
Presentation of the anatomy of specific areas of the head and neck that relate to dental practice. Emphasis will be placed upon the interrelationships, clinical significance, and variation of the structures studied. (Offered every year.)

CAD.522 Clinical Immunology (1)
A comprehensive review of inflammation and immunity and how they protect or harm the host with special focus on clinical dentistry. (Offered every year.)

CAD.523 Business Law (2)
A discussion of the legal, professional, and ethical aspects of dental practice with consideration of practice acquisition, location, promotion, personnel issues, contract and tort liabilities, practice format and administration, taxes, insurance and estate planning. (Offered every year.)

CAD.524 Implants & Temporary Anchorage Devices (1)
A lecture-discussion course introducing dental implants for applications in periodontics and temporary anchorage devices to support intra-oral clinical mechanics in orthodontics. Autotransplantation of teeth within interdisciplinary patient care is also examined. (Offered every year.)

CAD.G595 Special Study for Examinations (0)

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