Saint Louis University

Karl F. Woodmansey, D.D.S.
Endodontic Program Director

The Center for Advanced Dental Education at Saint Louis University offers a twenty four month program in the specialty of Endodontics that leads to a Master of Science in Dentistry (Research) degree. The didactic and clinical phases of the program are conducted at both Saint Louis University and Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine, Alton, Illinois.

Focus of the training program is three-fold: a comprehensive clinical experience involving diagnosis and treatment of all categories of nonsurgical and surgical endodontic cases; the didactic core and specialty courses encompassing biomedical and clinical concepts; and research related to the discipline of endodontics. The program is fully accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of the American Dental Association. Following completion of the program, graduates are educationally qualified for certification by the American Board of Endodontics. Find out more information about applying to this program.

Master of Science in Dentistry (Research)

DDS, DMD, or equivalent general dental degree.

Required Courses
All core courses described in the Graduate Catalog under the section entitled Center for Advanced Dental Education except CAD.5140 and CAD.5240 are required. In addition, required endodontic specialty courses include all courses described below.

Additional Requirements
Supervised clinical endodontic treatment of patients; comprehensive endodontic specialty examinations utilizing written, oral, and practical clinical formats; teaching practicum.

Total required credit-hours: 50

No formal minor is permitted.

Graduate Courses

ENDG.5000 Preclinical Endodontic Technique (1)
A didactic and laboratory introduction to basic endodontic clinical principles and techniques. A format to experience alternate clinical treatment methods. (Offered every year.)

ENDG.5200 Literature Review (1)
An intense, ongoing overview of endodontic literature to assist the resident in developing a sound base of scientific knowledge regarding the fundamentals of endodontics. (Offered every academic term.)

ENDG.5210 Literature Review II (1)
ENDG.5220 Literature Review III (1)
ENDG.5230 Literature Review IV (1)
ENDG.5240 Literature Review V (1)

ENDG.5300 Preclinical Teaching Practicum (0)
Supervised teaching participation in the instruction of undergraduate dental students in the preclinical endodontic technique course. (Offered every year.)

ENDG.5310 Clinical Teaching Practicum (0)
Supervised teaching participation in the clinical instruction of undergraduate dental students. (Offered every year.)

ENDG.5410 Pulp Biology (1)
Normal and diseased pulp conditions and their relationship to periapical tissues. Emphasis is placed on pulpal neural and vascular supply; pulpal defense mechanisms; injury, aging, and retrogressive changes; healing and repair of periapical tissues; and histopathology of periapical lesions. (Offered every year.)

ENDG.5470 Concepts in Biomedical Science (1)
A lecture/discussion series designed to integrate the student's didactic and clinical experiences in the specialty area with other dental and medical specialty subjects. (Offered every other year.)

ENDG.5510 Principles of Endodontic Surgery (1)
A comprehensive consideration of endodontic surgery is presented. Instruction and training in the application of relevant biomedical science to meet surgical and clinical requirements is emphasized. (Offered every year.)

ENDG.5520 American Board of Endodontics Review (1)
Preparation for certification by the American Board of Endodontics. Course includes information on board protocol, case presentation format, and a review of prior board materials to give a foundation for continued preparation to achieve diplomate status. (Offered every year.)

ENDG.5600 Clinical Endodontics (1)
Clinical and didactic course relating the biomedical sciences to clinical endodontic problems in order to gain a level of knowledge necessary to manage the various modalities of endodontic therapy. Includes the therapeutic management of routine, complex, and surgical clinical cases. (Offered every academic term.)

ENDG.5610 Clinical Endodontics II (2)

ENDG.5620 Clinical Endodontics III (2)

ENDG.5630 Clinical Endodontics IV (1)

ENDG.5640 Clinical Endodontics V (2)

ENDG.5650 Clinical Endodontics VI (2)

ENDG.5660 Clinical Endodontics VII (1)

ENDG.5910 Endodontic Journal Club (0-1)
A consideration of recent developments and current literature in endodontics and related fields. (Offered every academic term.)

ENDG.5950 Special Study for Examinations (0)

ENDG.5990 Thesis Research (0-6)

ENDG.5CR.90 Master's Degree Study (0)