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D. Douglas Miley, DMD, MSD
Program Director

The Center for Advanced Dental Education at Saint Louis University offers a thirty six month program in the specialty of Periodontics that leads to a Master of Science in Dentistry (Research) degree. Didactic and clinical education in Graduate Periodontics occurs at the host institution, Saint Louis University, as well as at the affiliate site, Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine in Alton, Illinois.

The focus of the training program is threefold: an extensive and comprehensive clinical experience involving diagnosis and treatment of patients representing a wide variety of periodontal problems ranging in complexity; the didactic core and specialty education that encompass the biomedical sciences as well as clinical concepts; and research related to the discipline of periodontology.

The program is fully accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of the American Dental Association. Following completion of the program, graduates are educationally qualified for certification by the American Board of Periodontology. Find out more information about applying to this program.

Master of Science in Dentistry (Research)

DDS, DMD, or equivalent general dental degree.

Required Courses
All CAD core courses described in the Graduate Catalog within the section entitled Center for Advanced Dental Education except for CAD5110. In addition, required periodontal specialty courses include all courses described below.

Additional Requirements
Supervised clinical periodontal treatment of patients; comprehensive periodontal specialty examinations utilizing written, oral, and practical clinical formats; teaching practicum; oral defense of the thesis.

Total required credit-hours: 68

No formal minor is permitted.


PERI.5000 Principles of Periodontics (1)
An overview of critical didactic and clinical information in the field of periodontology to the incoming periodontal resident. (Offered every year.)

PERI.5010 Periodontal Literature Reviews I (1)
A format for reviewing and presenting significant classical and contemporary periodontal literature published in related journals. (Offered every semester.)

PERI.5020 Periodontal Literature Reviews II (1)
PERI.5030 Periodontal Literature Reviews III (1)
PERI.5040 Periodontal Literature Reviews IV (1)
PERI.5050 Periodontal Literature Reviews V (1)
PERI.5060 Periodontal Literature Reviews VI (1)

PERI.5100 Conscious Sedation I (1)
Course is designed to provide knowledge required to manage pain and anxiety in the conscious, sedated patient and training in the various sedation techniques. (Offered every year.)

PERI.5110 Conscious Sedation II (1)
Continuation of PER.G510. (Offered every year.)

PERI.5200 Introduction to Graduate Implant Dentistry I (1)
A comprehensive course to prepare knowledge necessary for clinical dental implant treatment; all phases of surgical and prosthetic treatment are discussed. (Offered every year.)

PERI.5210 Introduction to Graduate Implant Dentistry II (1)
Continuation of PER.G520. (Offered every year.)

PERI.5220 Advanced Implant Surgery I (1)
A comprehensive overview of implant dentistry, with an emphasis on surgical methods and techniques. Special topics are presented and current literature is reviewed. (Offered every year.)

PERI.5230 Advanced Implant Surgery II (1)
Continuation of PER.G522. (Offered every year.)

PERI.5300 Clinical Teaching Practicum (0)
Supervised participation in the instruction of clinical periodontics to undergraduate dental students and participation with faculty in the development of treatment plans for new patients. (Offered every year.)

PERI.5400 Periodontal Case Presentation Seminar (1)
Resident presentations of patient treatment for critical review and discussion. Residents organize clinical case information and records for presentations of patient diagnosis, treatment planning, and surgical therapy. Gives each resident the opportunity to observe and evaluate periodontal treatment by other residents and provides a basis of preparation for the American Board of Periodontology oral examination. (Offered every academic term.)

PERI.5600 Clinical Periodontics I (1)
Clinical course consisting of patient treatment for periodontal diseases and other associated conditions in the field of periodontics. Students treat patients with various periodontal diseases to a level that periodontal health is achieved, etiologic factors are controlled, and a schedule for supportive periodontal therapy is organized for patients. The clinical experience also consists of dental implant treatment and other adjunctive methods in the management of patients referred for periodontal treatment. (Offered every academic term.)

PERI.5610 Clinical Periodontics II (2)
PERI.5620 Clinical Periodontics III (2)
PERI.5630 Clinical Periodontics IV (1)
PERI.5640 Clinical Periodontics V (2)
PERI.5650 Clinical Periodontics VI (2)
PERI.5660 Clinical Periodontics VII (1)
PERI.5670 Clinical Periodontics VIII (2)
PERI.5680 Clinical Periodontics IX (2)

PERI.5700 Periodontal Systemic Interrelationships (0)
Explores the complex interaction between oral and systemic health. Evidence shows that a number of human diseases are associated with opportunistic infections in periodontal medicine. These diseases are discussed together with the oral manifestations and management. (Offered every year.)

PERI.5800 Orthodontic-Periodontic Interrelationships (0)
Designed to explore the interrelationships between the disciplines of orthodontics and periodontics. In-depth discussion of special topics to improve patient treatment of interdisciplinary problems in clinical practice. (Offered every year.)

PERI.5910 Current Literature in Periodontics (1)
An ongoing review of current literature in periodontics taken from various journals. Residents present abstracts and review articles. Critical evaluations are made of current published research, and new concepts and techniques are discussed in a seminar format.

PERI.5950 Special Study for Examinations (0)
PERI.5990 Thesis Research (0-6)
PERI.5CR.90 Master's Degree Study (0)

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