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We can evaluate whether or not you or your child requires orthodontic treatment and the best time to begin any needed treatment during a screening visit. This is a brief, cursory examination of the teeth, jaws and mouth. There is no charge for the screening. At the screening, insurance coverage and financial options will be discussed with you. A parent or legal guardian should be present at the screening appointment for any patient under the age of 18.*(If you will be sending a non-parent or non-legal guardian, please complete and sign the Permission for Verbal/Written Communications Form below with the information of the individual accompanying your child to the screening for them to bring to the appointment.)

The American Association of orthodontists recommends that every child be screened by an orthodontist by the age of seven. Often this early intervention results in less costly and less comprehensive treatment requirements.

To obtain information about scheduling an orthodontic screening appointment, call 314-977-8363 and choose option ‘2' for orthodontics and option ‘1' for the appointment desk or email us at for general information.

Before scheduling your Screening Appointment, please complete the Orthodontic Patient Registration and Health History Form, choose ‘submit' at the bottom of the form (all information with an asterisk must be complete to submit the form). Make sure to include all of your orthodontic insurance information on this form and bring your insurance card with you to your appointment. Once this form is completed we will call you within 1 week to schedule your appointment.

Once your appointment is scheduled, we require you to complete the Consent Forms which can be found below. Please download these Consent Forms to your computer, print them at home, complete them in full and bring them with you to your appointment. We will have to reschedule your appointment if you do not bring these completed forms with you to your appointment. If you do not have access to a computer please call us to make an appointment to complete these forms in our office at least one week prior to your visit.

Endodontics or Periodontics

Generally a referral from a physician or dentist is required for these services. This can be arranged by phone.

To schedule an endodontic or periodontic appointment, call 314-977-8381 or email us at

If interpretive services will be needed, please let us know when scheduling an appointment.