Saint Louis University

Calling on the Holy Spirit of God to lead or give direction in a particular matter. There are several instances where CLC members are asked to discern. These include discernment of whether or not CLC is something they can commit to and will challenge and foster their particular faith life, 6-week discernment of a particular CLC group, and discernment through CLC meetings of God's call for their individual life situations.

Member and coordinator of an individual CLC group who guides the conversation and prayer during weekly CLC meetings. More practically, facilitators also coordinate schedules and reserve spaces for group meetings. Facilitators are responsible for keeping their group members aware of wider CLC events. Facilitators undergo their own discernment and formation process in order to best facilitate their groups.

Companion Team 
Executive board of CLC at SLU. Companions prayerfully work to foster the pillars of Community, Spirituality, and Mission by planning events for all CLCs to attend as well as encourage continued growth of CLC at SLU. The Companion Team is available to hear and respond to any and all concerns or suggestions regarding CLC.

Lectio Divina
Lectio Divina is a flexible, easy way to pray with scripture. It involves hearing scripture spoken aloud and reflecting on a word or phrase and responding in a way that is directed by the Holy Spirit. This type of prayer is a way to meet God in a personal way through God's Word. The experience is also used in group settings with group sharing on personal reflections.


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