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Sample CLC Outline

A CLC meeting may follow this general format:

• Pray for God's grace to open our hearts to hear God's Word and be receptive to it.
• Pray that the Holy Spirit will guide the meeting.

SCRIPTURE (or other media for reflection)
• A scripture passage is read slowly, carefully, prayerfully using any style of Ignatian Prayer.
• Silence.
• The same passage is read again as before.

• Allow yourself to delve deeper and reflect on the gifts of your prayer. Have a conversation with God in your heart.
• If you are distracted, talk to God about that. What does the passage say to that distraction?

• Share with your group how God spoke to you through this passage. What is God saying to your heart right now?

• If time allows, there may be a second round of sharing.


What is a Christian Life Community?

What is the History of Christian Life Communities?

The Three Pillars of CLC

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