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Leadership Opportunities


  • Be an rising Junior or Senior
  • Previous participation in an immersion experience
  • Commitment to all training sessions and individual team meetings.
  • Understanding and commitment to the values of a SLU immersion experience (Social Justice, Spirituality, Solidarity, and Community)
  • Demonstrated ability to work with other students and the faculty/staff leaders for the trip.
  • Ability to foster community within a group of diverse individuals
  • Be in good standing with the University


In addition to leading a team over the week of Spring Break, student leaders are expected to be at

the following meetings:

  • Student and Staff Leader social gathering and formation program overview; Oct. 15
  • Four formation meetings; Oct. 22, Oct. 29, Nov. 12, and Feb.11
  • Immersion Trip Community Kick Off; Dec. 1st
  • Student Leader Welcome Back; Jan.13
  • First all team meeting; Jan. 18
  • A minimum of five team meetings prior to the Spring Break
  • Community sending forth; March 2nd
  • Post Spring Break day of reflection; April 2nd


Student leaders in the Immersion Program serve as a liaison between the student participants of an

immersion experience, the faculty/staff Facilitators, and the Faith and Justice Coordinator. They help

participants in each immersion experience to enter into the host community and be open to the

challenges inherent in seeing from a new perspective. The Student Leader position is a serious

commitment; if offered, this position must be one of your top priorities. Please carefully consider your

other commitments before submitting your application.

Prior to the Trip

Meet regularly with the Staff facilitators to plan the five team meetings

Community Development

The student leader works in collaboration with the faculty/staff facilitators and administrating office to

develop a sense of community within the group. Leaders will work with the faculty/staff Facilitators to

ensure attendance at pre-immersion meetings. Student leaders work to ensure that by the time a

group departs for their destination, the participants know each other and have become comfortable

with group reflection and talking with each other about the issues and themes of the experience.

Educational Development

The student leader works in collaboration with the administrating office, faculty/staff facilitators, and

partner organization to aid students in developing an understanding of the social, political, economic

issues, as well as other aspects of the location they will be visiting. This educational development

will be guided by the theme or focus of the experience.

Logistics and Fundraising

The student leader works with the administrating office to ensure that students are meeting the

necessary logistical and funding requirements for the experience. Student coordinators meet on a

regular basis with the administrating office to keep the connection between the group and the office


During the Trip

Student leader will demonstrate the values of an immersion experience through engaged and

appropriate behavior, assist the faculty/staff leader(s) in assessing the needs and concerns of the

group members, continue to foster a sense of community within the group, work in collaboration with

faculty/staff facilitators to facilitate reflection throughout the experience, and serve as a liaison

between the group members and the faculty/staff facilitators should any concerns arise during the


Immersion Conduct Guidelines

Student Coordinators will model appropriate behavior for an immersion experience participant in the

following areas:

  • Refrain from the consumption or purchase of alcohol during an immersion experience (INCLUDING students over the age of 21 or legal drinking age in respective country)
  • Refrain from the use of electronics (ie. iPods, iPads, cell phones, etc.) during the trip (NOTE: there may be times where a student coordinator needs to use a cell phone for activities related to the immersion group - this is obviously appropriate)
  • Demonstrate appropriate and respectful use of digital cameras, video cameras, and other recording devices during the trip

After the Trip

In cooperation with their faculty/staff facilitators, Student Leaders will:

  • Engage their group members through follow-up meetings and activities related to the experience.
  • Engage in other activities that enhance the students ability to reflect on the immersion experience and share this with others


Student leader receive up to $400 credit towards the student price of an immersion experience.

IMPORTANT DATES FOR APPLYING (Spring Break and May 2016 Immersions):

  • Student Leader Applications Available: Week of August 18, 2015
  • Student Leader Applications Due: September 28, 2015
  • Student Leader Interviews: week of September 28, 2015
  • Student Leader placement announcements:  October 7, 2015


For more information about becoming a student leader, contact John Burke at or 314-977-1532.

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