Saint Louis University

In the spirit of a Faith that seeks Justice, the Eckelkamp Center for Campus Ministry partners with other university organizations to plan and lead immersion experiences to local, national and international destinations. These experiences, which challenge students to engage the realities of the world while reflecting on the values of human dignity and servant leadership, are integral to a Jesuit Catholic education at SLU.

Participants in immersion experiences meet multiple times throughout the semester to learn more about Catholic Social Teaching, social analysis, spiritual reflection and the history of the communities they will enter into. At the heart of the experience is the time students spend on Spring Break building community on multiple levels, engaging with communities that wrestle with marginalization and social injustice, and reflecting on this experience in light of their diverse faith and spiritual lives.

Students will continue to meet after spring break to continue reflecting on their experience and begin asking what it means to accompany and be in solidarity with the communities they encountered. This process of "bringing the immersion home" is where the fruits of the experience are integrated into each students experience at SLU and shared with the broader community.


Immersion Trips may be designed to include any of the following examples, depending on the site and the Group Moderator's desired themes, topics, and activities:

  • be a part of a service-learning course that connects a trip's on-site experiences to course learning outcomes;
  • have a strong immersion focus that emphasizes engaging local non-profits, governmental leaders, historical & cultural sites, etc.;
  • examine specific social justice topics unique to the Immersion Trip destination;
  • have a strong service focus that emphasizes completing or participating in an on-site service project (e.g., upkeep, outreach, or building projects);
  • have a strong reflection and faith-sharing purpose that is a part of service and/or immersion activities;
  • have a strong reflection an social analysis focus  that is a part of group experiences while on site.

If you have a trip idea, or would like to learn more about Mission Trip opportunities, contact John Burke, Campus Minister for Faith and Justice, at or (314) 977-1532.