Saint Louis University

Achieving good nutrition before, during and after cancer treatment is important. Our registered dietitian helps patients prepare for treatment, manage side effects and symptoms, and maintain a healthy weight.

A meeting with our dietition may be helpful if you have specific nutrition concerns, are having trouble with eating and/or weight loss, or are having difficulty taking in adequate nutrition.

Services include:

  • Early nutrition intervention based on specific risk factors
  • Preventing or correcting nutritional deficiencies
  • Managing side effects of cancer and treatment
  • Enhancing quality of life during treatment
  • Helping you achieve and maintain a healthy weight
  • Helping you manage diabetes during treatment
  • Meal/menu planning and recipe development
  • Management of tube feedings and IV parenteral nutrition
  • Educating patients and families members of special nutrition needs
  • Connecting patients with nutrition resources in the community
  • Providing consistent, ongoing follow-up throughout the cancer journey

Meet Our Registered Dietitian

Kirsten Thomas, MS, RD, LD, received her Masters of Science in Medical Dietetics from Saint Louis University in 2015. Kirsten meets with patients and their family members to develop individualized strategies for managing symptoms and maintaining weight during and following treatment. You can reach Kirsten at or (314) 268-7033.