Saint Louis University

What is required?

  • A Foundations Course in Theological Studies*
  • 12 additional cross listed hours
  • The Manresa  Capstone course

*A Manresa Program cross listed section of Theological Foundations (100 Level) or a Manresa Program cross listed  section of The Church Today or Survey of Christian Beliefs (200 Level)

Ideally, the Manresa Program is begun in the freshman year. Sections of Theological Foundations cross-listed as MP A-100 fulfill the requirement for an initial foundational course. For students who begin the program later in their studies, certain 200-level Theology courses also fulfill this requirement. After the foundational course, students in the program enroll in an additional 12 hours of Manresa courses that match their interests. A final capstone course, which is normally taken in the senior year, provides students with an opportunity to synthesize and reflect on their studies and to relate their experiences in the program to their academic majors and their future goals.

Courses from a variety of departments are cross listed with the Manresa Program. Those who are on our e-mailing list will receive a list before each semester designating which courses are being offered for that term.