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Catholic Studies Program Minor

What is Catholic Studies?

The Catholic Studies Program in the College of Arts and Sciences offers
interdisciplinary and integrated study in the intellectual and social
traditions of the Church from the New Testament period to the present.
The program is designed to explore major questions that have occupied
Christian philosophers and theologians, artists and literary writers, political
theorists and historians, as well as natural and social scientists for two
millennia. In addition to a variety of courses in the Christian intellectual
tradition, Catholic Studies offers interested students opportunities to explore
the history and mission of the Society of Jesus and the traditions
underlying Saint Louis University as a Catholic, Jesuit institution.  Along
with course work, the program also offers a variety of social and spiritual

Who is it for?

The Catholic Studies Program is for students of all religious faiths and all
academic majors who seek an undergraduate experience that more
deliberately focuses on the unity of knowledge and inter-relationship
that exists among disciplines through the lens of the Catholic and Jesuit
intellectual tradition.

What is required?

  • 18 Credit hours meeting the following requirements:
  • At least one approved course from each of the following
    departmental offerings that relate to the Catholic intellectual
    • Theology**
    • Philosophy
    • English
    • History
  • The Catholic Studies Capstone Course (CATH 490)
  • One additional

*The list of these approved courses can be found on the Catholic
Studies page:

**Since the Theo 100 is required for all undergraduates, one additional
course beyond the Theo 100 will be required for the Catholic Studies

The Value of the Catholic Studies Minor

The Minor in Catholic Studies would be an important credential in
applying for graduate school or for employment after graduation.
No matter what field of study you have as a major and no matter
what profession you might pursue in the future, this program would
be a great help in developing critical thinking, skills in written and
oral communication and it will enhance your capacity to "see the
big picture" through the course of your SLU education.

Contact: Fr. David Vincent Meconi, S.J., D.Phil. (Oxon.)

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