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SLU Community Engagement Inventory

St. Louis Regional Daycare Vaccination Assessment Study

Description: This study's purpose is to assess staff and parental support for a mandatory staff vaccination policy or a staff immunization certification program in St. Louis-based daycares. Findings from the study will provide support for the St. Louis County Department of Health in development of an intervention program to increase vaccine uptake among daycare staff, which should translate into decreased vaccine-preventable disease morbidity and mortality.

Community Partnerships:

  • Maternal Child and Family Health Coalition/Gateway Immunization Coalition
  • St Louis County Department of Public Health
  • St. Louis City Health Department

Primary SLU Contact: Terri Rebmann, rebmannt@slu.edu

Collaborator(s): Jing Wang, Travis Loux

Categories: Health, Policy and Advocacy, Youth and Family

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