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Seminar on Race, Citizenship, and St. Louis

Description: In the wake of the events in Ferguson, St. Louis, and Saint Louis University's campus in late 2014, Dr. Ardizzone created a graduate seminar to examine the history of St. Louis, both locally and regionally. Readings focused on the city and region's impact on and reflection of national patterns of racial discrimination, civil rights activism, and shifting structures of race. Students pursued individual research projects.

Community Partnerships:

  • Adorjan Hall

Primary SLU Contact: Heidi Ardizzone, hardizzo@slu.edu

Collaborator(s): Aretha Butler, Elizabeth Eikmann, Cecilia Hunter, Roberta Singer, Manu Engstler, Melissa Ford, Mark Koschmann

Categories: Arts and Culture, Gender, Other, Race and Ethnicity, Women

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