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Collegiate School of Medicine and Bioscience

Description: The Collegiate School of Medicine and Bioscience (CSMB), is a magnet school in the St. Louis Public Schools system that recruits select students from the city and county that have an expressed interest in medicine and bioscience careers. The school is dedicated to teaching academic habits which will sustain life-long learning for its students. CSMB utilizes mentors, lecturers, student placements in labs, and a variety of other participants from SLU and WUSTL in its curriculum. In August 2015, the school relocated to the Wyman facility on the SLU health sciences campus.

Community Partnerships:

  • Collegiate School of Medicine and Bioscience
  • Cortex St. Louis
  • St. Louis Public Schools
  • Washington University School of Medicine

Primary SLU Contact: James Kimmey, jkimmey1@slu.edu

Website: www.slps.org/CSMB

Categories: Education, Environment, Health, K-12, Mentoring, Science and Technology, Tutoring

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