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SLU Community Engagement Inventory

Bee Diversity Across a Range of Social and Economic Neighborhoods in St. Louis

Description: This project researches how social, economic, environmental, and ecological factors affect the abundance and distribution of bees across the city of St Louis. Project members examine community gardens, urban farms, and restorations sites weekly for all bee species (around 100 so far). In addition, the members of the project also interview stakeholders and decision makers in order to determine how they perceive pollinator diversity and pollination services.

Community Partnerships:

  • City Seeds Urban Farms
  • Dogtown Ecovillage
  • EarthDance Farms
  • Fresh Gatherings Harvest
  • Gateway Greening
  • The International Institute of St. Louis

Primary SLU Contact: Gerardo Camilo, camilogr@slu.edu

Collaborator(s): Damon Hall

Categories: Community Gardens and Urban Farming, Education, Environment, Science and Technology, Socioeconomic Status

SLU Community Engagement Locations