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Project LEAN (Live, Exercise, Attitude, Nutrition)

Description: Project LEAN is a ten week class taught by Saint Luis University undergraduate and medical students that teaches women in the YWCA transitional housing project about health through the themes of Live, Exercise, Attitude, Nutrition. The classes include an interactive cooking portion, guided strength exercises, and stress management sessions.

Community Partnerships:

  • Nahed Chapman New American Academy
  • St. Louis Chapter of the Links
  • YWCA Metro St. Louis

Primary SLU Contact: Nicole Wiethop, wiethopna@slu.edu

Collaborator(s): Nutrition and Health in Underserved Communities (forming SLU Med Interest Group)

Website: sites.google.com/a/slu.edu/project-lean/

Categories: Health, Hunger and Access to Food, Mental Health, Nutrition, Women

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