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SLU Community Engagement Inventory

North St. Louis Initiative

Description: The North St. Louis Initiative brings together faculty, staff and students across the campus who work with and in the community in order to provide more coordinated efforts. The ultimate outcome is the development of a center or institute that works with one area of the community to address social determinants of health and well-being.

Community Partnerships:

  • William J. Harrison Education Center

Primary SLU Contact: Darcy Scharff, scharffd@slu.edu

Collaborator(s): Becky Aldrich, Stuart Slavin, Norm White

Categories: Arts and Culture, Business, Capacity Building, Community Gardens and Urban Farming, Criminal Justice, Economic Development, Education, Employment, Environment, Health, Housing, Human Rights, Infrastructure, Legal Services, Mentoring, Nutrition, Policy and Advocacy, Race and Ethnicity, Socioeconomic Status, Tutoring, Violence, Youth and Family

SLU Community Engagement Locations