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Readers 2 Leaders

Description: Readers 2 Leaders is a unique partnership between La Salle Middle School, a predominantly African-American school in North City, St. Gabriel the Archangel School, a predominantly white school in south city, and Saint Louis University. The three schools have come together in a program aimed at promoting literacy, an understanding of African-American history and the values of friendship, courage, self-control and justice. Readers 2 Leaders offers La Salle 8th grade students the opportunity to serve as leaders to St. Gabriel's 3rd graders, breaking down barriers as they read together and learn about historic African-American figures and the virtues those figures exemplify.

Community Partnerships:

  • La Salle Middle School
  • St. Gabriel the Archangel School

Primary SLU Contact: Bryan Sokol, bsokol1@slu.edu

Collaborator(s): Katie Monsky, Leah Sweetman, Justin Vilbig, Danny Jendusa, Annie Rosenkranz, Peter Marle, Nicole Summers , Kelly McEnerney, Vitina Pestello

Categories: Education, K-12, Multicultural Efforts, Race and Ethnicity

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