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Entrepreneurship Undergraduate Competitions - Center for Entrepreneurship

Description: The Center for Entrepreneurship at Saint Louis University‰Ûªs John Cook School of Business, has been a national leader in developing and delivering innovative programs to promote entrepreneurship through education. At Saint Louis University (SLU), it is believed that one of the best ways for students to develop a real-world orientation and gain traction for their ideas in the real world is through competition. A variety of these competitions are made possible by the partnerships the Center holds in the community.

Community Partnerships:

  • City Museum
  • Gateway Grizzlies Stadium
  • One Metropolitan Square Building
  • St. Louis Mayor's Office

Primary SLU Contact: Tim Hayden, haydent2@slu.edu

Website: business.slu.edu/centers-of-distinction/center-for-entrepreneurship/programs-events/

Categories: Business, Education, Entrepreneurship

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