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Diversity and diversification in North American grapevines (Vitis riparia and V. rupestris)

Description: The goal of this study is to quantify morphological and genetic variation in natural populations of V. riparia and V. rupestris in order to 1) contribute to the documentation and conservation of North American Vitis species, and 2) advance understanding of evolutionary processes shaping variation in V. riparia and V. rupestris populations in sympatry and in allopatry.

Community Partnerships:

  • Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
  • Missouri Botanical Garden

Primary SLU Contact: Allison Miller, amille75@slu.edu

Collaborator(s): Laura Klein, Wasit Wulamu

Website: millerlabatslu.weebly.com/

Categories: Environment, Hunger and Access to Food, Science and Technology

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