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Adapting perennial crops for climate change: Graft transmissible effects of rootstocks on grapevine shoots

Description: The proposed research uses grafted grapevines and genomic resources to produce a systems-level understanding of how rootstocks modify scion phenotype and plasticity. The project focuses on root and shoot interactions by leveraging: 1) an existing common garden research vineyard in Missouri, to analyze inter-annual phenotypic variation in a common scion growing ungrafted and also grafted to three different rootstocks, 2) commercial vineyards across disparate environments of California latitudinal transects, to assay environmental influences on root-shoot communication measured in four rootstock-scion combinations, 3) a new segregating rootstock mapping population replicated in four climatic zones and grafted with a common scion, to characterize genotype x environment interactions of scion phenotypes modulated by the root, and 4) academic and industry partnerships, to conduct extensive training and outreach.

Community Partnerships:

  • Danforth Plant Science Center
  • Missouri Botanical Garden

Primary SLU Contact: Allison Miller, amille75@slu.edu

Categories: Environment, Science and Technology

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