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SLU Community Engagement Inventory

St. Louis University Hospital and Community Based Violence Intervention Program

Description: Surviving victims of violence treated at Saint Louis University (SLU) Hospital, are at substantial risk of recidivism and acts of retaliation in the future. Nationwide there is increasing evidence that programs which initiate interventions in the hospital, which are linked to effective community organizations save lives. In addition, such initiatives also reduce hospital costs for future violence related care and promote a safer environment. The goal of the initiative is to martial the talents and expertise of the SLU faculty to establish such a program at Saint Louis University Hospital, linked with other local Trauma Centers, to partner with community-based organizations and to maximize its impact in the St. Louis area.

Community Partnerships:

  • Mid America Foundation
  • Saint Louis University Hospital

Sponsor: School of Law

Primary SLU Contact: Harvey Solomon, solomonh@slu.edu

Collaborator(s): Byrne MD, Laurie E. , Clarisse Valencia Arcilla, David Pole , David Schneider, Frances Copeland, Fred Rottnek, Karen Madsen, Kenneth Haller Jr, Michael Railey, Nancy Weaver, Norman White, Preeti Dalaw

Categories: Criminal Justice, Employment, Health, Legal Services, Mental Health, Mentoring, Violence, Youth and Family

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