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Micah Program

Description: The mission of the Micah Program is to pursue and instill knowledge of the long-term forces that contribute to poverty and social injustice in American cities and to model effective ways to address those forces through funded research, teaching, and informed service among the urban poor. The Program takes its name from the biblical prophet Micah.

Community Partnerships:

  • Adams Elementary School
  • Caroline Mission Early Childhood Center
  • City Garden Montessori School
  • Cornerstone Center for Early Learning
  • De La Salle Middle School
  • Firm Foundation Tutoring
  • Girls‰Ûª Night Out Teen Mom Program: Neighborhood Houses
  • Kingdom House
  • Lewis Place After-School Tutoring Program
  • Mission St. Louis - After School Program
  • New City Fellowship
  • St. Cecilia's Graduate Support
  • St. Elizabeth Adult Day Care
  • UrbanFuture
  • Youth Learning Center

Primary SLU Contact: Donald Stump, stump@slu.edu

Collaborator(s): Debra Wilson, Scott Ragland, David Meconi, Jonathan Smith, Ben Looker, Olga Arbelaez, Brian Sholl, Ian McCready-Flora, Jennifer Petruso

Website: micah.slu.edu

Categories: Capacity Building, Community Gardens and Urban Farming, Economic Development, Education, Entrepreneurship, Environment, Faith, Gender, Health, Hunger and Access to Food, Immigration, Infrastructure, K-12, Mentoring, Multicultural Efforts, Nutrition, Policy and Advocacy, Race and Ethnicity, Science and Technology, Socioeconomic Status, Special Education, Tutoring, Women, Youth and Family

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